Recruitment Interview Skills Training-Avoid Staff Turnover

Recruitment Interviewing
There is one common trait that many businesses share and that is a high turnover rate. This ongoing challenge makes it difficult for leaders to build a high performing department.
But, with the right Recruitment Interviewing Skills training and the right people in…
Recruitment Interview Skills Training-Avoid Staff Turnover


Time Management – Keep Momentum!

In todays competitive environment we constantly hear people complaining about being “busy fools”. Generally people are running from one meeting to the next and although they are motivated by the meeting find it difficult at the end of the day to focus on what was discussed and action it.
So…In Ti…
Time Management – Keep Momentum!

Recruitment Interviewing-Hire the Right People 1st Time

You’re Hired!
7 Reasons to use your Recruitment Interviewing Skills –
Good Recruitment Interviewing Skills training make recruiting the right person easy.
When you invest in new staff, you want to make the wisest decisions possible. It is in your best interest to make sure that the…
Recruitment Interviewing-Hire the Right People 1st Time

Customer Service-Lose Customers Without Trying…

On a recent customer service training course we spoke about the importance of each transaction you have with a customer. Some people call these transactions ‘A moment of truth’.
It is that moment when the customer either subconsciously or consciously makes a decision whether the…
Customer Service-Lose Customers Without Trying…